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Josh Lentz  2015 area 7 championship
 shooting 135 RN in a S&W 929
to Josh Lentz 1st place ISR at the 2015 World Speed Shooting Competition
to Josh Lentz 2015 IRC 1st place Classic Revolver


to Alan Jenkins 

1st Place A class OSR 2015 IRC
and 8th overall

What's New
Magma's 133 RN NLG Flat Base

Magma's 145 RN NLG Bevel Base

155 gr  SWC NLG .45

170 RN NLG .355-.358

190 RN NLG .400-.402

******J&M Specialty P/L Hi-Tek 2  Bullet Coating *********
                           The future of cast bullet lubrication is here. The benefits of Hi-Tek Super Coat are numerous: Hi-Tek Super Coat molecularly bonds to the bullet during the curing process, totally encapsulating the bullet. The coating prevents lead to bore contact and reduces lead fouling and the smoke normally associated with traditional wax type lubricants. Eliminating the need for messy wax lubricants, your Hi-Tek coated bullets assist in keeping your hands, breathing air, reloading dies, and gun cleaner. As an added benefit, the smooth slippery Hi-Tek coated bullets feed very well in most bullet feeders.
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  • APO/FPO addresses
  • International addresses ,Massachusetts
  • United States Territories
  • District Of Columbia

Note: All bullets come coated -- just select a color!
Available in three  colors:  Red Brick, Gold and Black Cherry

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Congratulations to **Josh
Lentz** Team Smith and Wesson for 2nd overall Revolver at the IPSC 2014 world shoot using 233 RN B&BB.
And to the Revolver team for taking home the GOLD.

Congratulations to Team Black and Blue's **Alan Jenkins **
1st place A and 3rd overall at Northwest Regional Revolver Campionships

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Cast with 6Sb2Sn92Pb Antimonial Lead equivalent with Lyman #2 Casting Alloy Commonly known as Hardball or Magnum alloy.What does that mean? 92% lead, 6% antimony and 2% tin. 
BULK PACKS: look for special pricing for 2000, 3000  bulk packs


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